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Welcome to UV-19

As one of the winners in the UNLV LEE PRIZE competition, UV19, LLC garnered a Nevada Innovation Award and started a new company to provide proven Ultraviolet (UV-C) machines to disinfect and sterilize COVID-19 and other virus and bacteria on surfaces.
We have two introductory machines:

The UV-19 Conveyor Disinfecting Tunnel and
The UV-19 Chip Sterilizer.

They are both UV-C light tunnel products developed to work in a dry process that sterilizes in seconds with powerful UV-C light.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we have developed these new products to be simple to operate and maintain and to work in a variety of environments and applications.

What We Offer

We sell powerful sterilizing equipment and we can work with your company to create custom marketing programs to promote the safety and cleanliness of your location. These machines can be utilized in the ‘front of house’ or in operations for cleaning in the ‘back of house’. 

The UV-19 Conveyor Disinfecting Tunnel

Flexible use products for all kinds of products from bags and cell phone at an entrance to sporting goods at a game, or toys at a daycare. 

UV-19 Chip Sanitizer

Our newest machine (in final prototype stage) is the UV-19 Chip Sterilizer. As with all products, we use powerful UV-C light for a fast, easy, dry process for cleaning casino chips for all games.

Customized Graphics and Marketing

We can create a custom look to our machines with branded graphic application as well as promote the new technology to your customers through email, web and video marketing.

Our Most Popular Videos

Choose a video below to see our machines and prototypes in action…