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UV Products for the era of COVID-19

We have developed two products that will sterilize surfaces quickly using powerful UV-C light. Our UV-19 Conveyer Disinfection Tunnel will work for a variety of items while our UV-19 Chip Sterilizer will quickly clean casino chips with a dry process that is easy and efficient. We have received a Nevada Innovation Award as part of the Lee Prize competition and will be taking orders on these products very soon.

Company & People

While UV-19 is a new company, it is founded by owners with decades of experience…

Ziona Hayon owns and operates Hayon Manufacturing (, a 100% woman-owned and family operated business, and has been serving the international baking industry for 57 years. Hayon Manufacturing is incorporated in Nevada (NV Business ID: NV20001496967) and based in Las Vegas.

David Nichols lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA starting small businesses including design and technology studios that developed games and marketed film and television. David met Ziona at University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV), but is originally from Boise, ID where he graduated with a M.S. in Instructional Technology from Boise State University.