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More Info about UV-19

While use of disinfectants and wiping down surfaces has its place, it can be labor-intensive and potentially environmentally damaging as well as prone to human error. 

Placing a UV-19 Conveyer Tunnerl at entry points not only provides a valued service to customers in killing viruses from their personal items, but also shows customers that the business providing a UV-19 has a high concern for safety. The UV-19 is a mobile unit that can be deployed to various departments and moved to where it is needed throughout a day. 

Our machines have applications in gaming, hospitality, food service, travel, medical, events and more. Each machine can be customer facing as well as in the back of the house. The process is as simple as placing personal items: masks, luggage, electronics, including microphones, pillows, casino chips, paper currency, musical instruments and most anything that will clear the tunnel for exposure to virus-killing UV lights.

In addition to the scientifically proven method of UV disinfection, the UV-19 will instill both employee and guest confidence. This shows the business’s commitment to efforts that provide a safe environment in response to the COVID-19 era and beyond.


Our machines’ unique design provides a simple, effective and safe way to provide this powerful operation quickly and easily. 

The UV-19 automates and speeds the process by being able to run items on a conveyor through a broad spectrum exposure of UV-C light in a matter of seconds.

The UV-19 can be used to insure that items that are brought into businesses at entry or check-in points are exposed an FDA-approved application of UV-C light thereby killing any virus or bacteria. UV-C light is sanctioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) for broad use against viruses since 2005.

Hotel/Casino and Hospitality

Whether at the front entrance or with housekeeping or on the casino floor, our Conveyer machine is very flexible. We also developed our casino UV-19 Chip Sanitizer to work with all gaming chips using a fast, dry process. 

Sporting and Events

From Sports Event Arenas to sports equipment used during play, our conveyer machine can sterilize surfaces of game balls, bags, uniforms and more.

Schools and Day Care

Toys, clothing, games, educational materials and more can 

Medical and Healthcare/PPE

Disinfect masks, shields, clothing, instruments and more. 


Whether it is public speaking or music or slam poetry, we can provide sterilization on surfaces of musical instruments, microphones and more.